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Here's The Sims 4's Cottage Living expansion explained by a llama

Come on down to the village

The Sims 4's next expansion is the ridiculously idyllic version of British countryside living. Electronic Arts revealed the Cottage Living expansion last month and they've now called up a local llama to give you the details. Why the llama? Well he's more English than I am, so I trust he knows more about the affairs of the new Henford-on-Bagley neighbourhood than I do. Here's Harold in a new trailer to show off livestock, canning, local fairs and more.

The original reveal trailer for Cottage Living let on a good amount for those who knew what to look for, but today's trailer lays most of it out a bit clearer.

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There's quite a lot here for you folks who enjoy playing in Live Mode. Sims will be able to take part in relaxing hobbies such as canning and cross-stitching. They can also tackle larger endeavors like growing food in their own garden, raising llamas, cows, and chickens, and showing off all that effort in the local weekly fair.

There are other little details like the "simple living" lot challenge that means you'll be stocking your fridge with your own produce instead of magically pulling ingredients out of the fridge when you need them. You can spot "wild foxes" next to it as well, which appears to make it tougher to keep your fresh eggs from being snatched.

Personally, I rarely leave Build Mode so my eye is on all the things in the background. Those new kitchen cabinets with lace-y curtains look perfect for a tiny house cottage. There are also some rather cute stained-glass windows that appear to be new, and a decent amount of cottage-y kitchen clutter. Let me know what you've spotted, fellow Build Mode fiends.

You can catch a bit more llama-narrated info in EA's new Cottage Living post as well. It details some of the individual shops and Sims you'll find in the local village. Maxis are also planning a Cottage Living livestream for next Thursday, July 8th, which you'll be able to catch over on YouTube.

The Sims 4 Cottage Living is launching on July 22nd, which you'll be able to find on Steam and Origin for £35/€40/$40.

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