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Fresh Meat: Heroes Of The Storm Getting More Diablo Stuff


Sweet Western deities, Blizzard does work fast. Heroes of the Storm [official site] has only just come out of beta, but from deep in the dark MOBA death-mines the developers have apparently been working on a new content expansion themed around the Diablo universe.

It's called Heroes of the Storm: Eternal Conflict, and it'll introduces a new map and two new characters; this according to a live-streamed launch event that took place over the weekend.

The new map, known as "Battlefield of Eternity," is modelled on the High Heavens setting from the fourth act of Diablo III. It's got two lanes, and a new sort of NPC interaction in which two creatures - one good and one evil - try to periodically knock each other out at the center of the map. Whichever of these guys wins will help their allied team take down enemy defences onward down the lane.

Joining the female crusader Johanna, who was released just last week, is Diablo's Butcher. He'll be seeing a release in the game's next content drop, which will introduce him as a playable Assassin class character.

There's no price tag just yet, but expect it all to arrive on June 30th. You can check out the launch event in full below.

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