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Hey, Let's Give David Gallant More Money Than He Needs

One thing we keep hearing is how generous the RPS community is. We keep seeing evidence of it too, and many developers have published their Kickstarter stats showing RPS readers chucking in the most. You lot are brilliant!

So talking of which, I've just noticed that I Get This Call Every Day developer David S Gallant - the guy who was fired from his job because he made a game about it - is fundraising to get himself to IndieCade this year. He's asked for just C$650. Wouldn't it be brilliant if he got, say, thousands?

I should stress that I've no affiliation with Gallant, never met him, and haven't even played his Call game. I just thought it would be cool for us all to give a guy too much money. He's entirely unfairly out of work, sales of the game covered his rent until May, and the dude needs cash.

You can find out more about Gallant here. And you can give money to his fund here.

The other reason it would be funny to do this would be because his tier rewards will become ludicrous. Sorry David.

(Yes, there are other, more worthy causes. I strongly encourage giving to them, too.)

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