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Hitlers Must Die! Eventually.

It is highly unlikely we'll ever get bored of posting new footage of Cryptic Sea's upcoming Hitlers Must Die, part of their No Quarter indie-retro-sadism-mashup compilation. For one, it means we get to say "Hitlers Must Die!" again and again. For two, it looks like this...

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Alex Austin and Edmumnd McMillen have very possibly bopped zeitgeist square on the nose with this one. The trouble is, I guess, that it might well overwhelm the rest of No Quarter. So, let's take a look at some of the other stuff in it.

Here's the sombre space-phsysics of Odyssey, which could well be what Jim Gruffignol will be playing while the rest of us gun down hundreds of mutant Fuhrers.

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Odyssey is the last 'track' on the No Quarter compilation, with Hitlers Must Die! the likely first. In between that is this little lot:

Trivium: An action puzzle game with smashing instead of stacking.
Epic Flail: The Earth is under attack from aliens, and only one person can stop them. Well, maybe two but you're the only one available.
Hext: It's a word game, ironically hard to sell with words. You will play it and you will like it!
Seedling: Design and grow your own tree.

Can't wait for this. McMillen and Austin regularly turn out great things for free - so a return to a (semi)commercial project for the first time since the award-snaffling Gish should turn out marvellously. Oh, for a release date.

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