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Home Improvisation: Full Release Delivered, Some Assembly Required

Insert tab A into slot...G?

Remember how angry I got while building a chair in Ikea-esque furniture build-em-up Home Improvisation [official site] while it was in Early Access? Well, the game is launching its Full Normal Regular Access version (technical term) and has been reworked in ways that will ALLEGEDLY make me far less angry and obsessed with building and rebuilding the same hell chair for a week.

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I'm not sure how I feel about that. I mean I'm broadly pleased because no more hell chair, but I also feel robbed of the chance to win a legitimate chair victory. I never showed that chair who was boss BEFORE the improvements and now, if I do, I'll suspect the game developers helped me and the chair is sitting in hell (on its throne composed of lesser chairs and chair parts) laughing at me and knowing I can never truly win.

Here's a reminder:

I feel like my relationship with Home Improvement might start to sound unhealthy so let's talk about what's changed since I played in Early Access and not about evil chairs and their victory conditions.


I guess the biggest thing is that you can now play in VR with one person in a Vive headset and the others using gamepads. I can't test how that actually works because I don't have access to a working Vive right now and I'm home alone but depending how it works that could be cool in terms of chaotic construction parties or similar.

The presentation and levels are very different. It used to be that you'd wander down a corridor and pick a room but now it's more like a house that you navigate and unlock access to rooms and things. There are also a lot more elements you can interact with in the environment and I really like the look of some of the hell furniture in the trailer. To the point where I'm looking sadly at my real living room and wishing we had a naked headless mannequin chariot for jack-o'-lanterns IRL.

Home Improvisation's full release should be out later today. It's still listed as Early Access on Steam at the time of writing so hold tight until that changes. Maybe watch the Corpse Flower livestream if you fancy:

Watch on YouTube

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