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Horizon Chase 2, homage to 16-bit racers, is out on PC now

Via the Epic Games Store

Two cars race under the Golden Gate bridge in Horizon Case 2.
Image credit: Aquiris Game Studio

I bought a Steam Deck thinking I would delight in being able to play the breadth and depth of PC gaming away from my desk. Then I downloaded arcade racer Horizon Chase Turbo and basically played nothing else. It was fast, accessible, a throwback to the Amiga racers of my youth, and perfect for sneaking in between work meetings and emails.

Now its sequel Horizon Chase 2 is out on PC... but only via the Epic Games Store. Damn.

The announcement trailer for Horizon Chase 2 coming to PC.Watch on YouTube

Horizon Chase games are 3D racers, but they hark back to the 16-bit era of 2D racers, with a car that's fixed in the centre of the screen and a track that feels as if it moves around you. There are also powerups to refuel, a boost meter, and a set of globe-trotting tracks.

The appeal of Horizon Chase 2 seems mostly unchanged, albeit with more detailed environments surrounding its new tracks and online as well as local multiplayer. It's also still got a soundtrack from Scottish composer Barry Leitch, who also produced music for Lotus 2 (including this banger) and several other '90s racing games.

This sequel was released via Apple Arcade in September last year, but released on PC earlier today. Alas, while I don't normally mind using the Epic Games Store, its exclusivity there means I can't easily play it on the Steam Deck like I did the last game. Horizon Chase Turbo is currently 80% off on Steam if you're tempted by that instead, though.

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