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Horse Amore: Next Skyrim Update Adds Mounted Combat

I have ridden horses before. They're swift, terrifying creatures, and while I attempted to maintain a dignified posture befitting of my stature as Someone Who's Technically From Texas, it was pretty obvious that I was mostly hanging on for dear life. Apparently, though, in addition to the ability to fell dragons with the gentlest of whispers, the Dragonborn will soon be capable of fighting from the back of a horse. Like, without careening off its back in a blur of blood, bones, and white hot terror. That, I believe, is the mark of a true hero.

Bethesda announced the upcoming update in a blog post. There's also a host of tweaks and bug fixes (no more, er, crashing when you try to load your game - hooray!), but horses are - as ever - the main event of this particular rodeo. Both melee and ranged combat will be possible from atop your prancing pony (not the inn, unfortunately), and it'll all be completely free.

You can even try it out a Steam Beta Update right now if you'd like. Alternatively, you can check out the results of Bethesda' Skyrim game jam to get a brief glimpse of what your'e in for. Sadly, however, dragon mounts still aren't on the docket. Also, where's my skeletal butler complete with adorable chef hat? And what about giant mudcrabs? I mean, Bethesda has all the ingredients for mounted monocle-wearing mudcrab jousting right in front of it. Why haven't Todd Howard and co tossed them in a bowl, stirred, and created the new Sport of Kings? Truly, it boggles the mind.

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