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Klei's Hot Lava turns the living room into a deathzone next week

The floor is lava

After a year in open beta, Klei Entertainment's the-floor-is-on-fire first-person platformer Hot Lava is getting its official release on Steam. Starting next week, you'll get your chance to relive those salad days of childhood when life's biggest worry was whether or not you could make the nine-foot horizontal leap to your grandma's 1970s chesterfield without touching the ground. Ah, simpler times. These days any time I try to beat my sofa parkour record at family gatherings they ask me to leave.

Hot Lava is the latest game from the Canadian indie studio perhaps best know for twee survival game Don't Starve. Hot Lava's creator Mark Laprairie started work by himself on the title around 2015, then later Klei bought the game and he joined the studio along with it. You play as a plastic toy, a character out of a fictional cartoon called Global Action Heroes, Klei's homage to G.I. Joe and its 1980s morning TV ilk. The aim? To try not to melt while navigating your way around the deadly sea of lava that makes up the the floor of every room.

Hot Lava's launch update will introduce a new basement level to its retro gameworld of surburban houses and old highschool gymnasiums. A new progression system is also incoming, replaceing randomised drops with unlockables, while improving controls and performance. You'll be able to play the game with up to eight others, competing for a spot on the leaderboard. Alternatively, you can check out some of the player-created levels. Hot Lava comes with a Unity level construction kit and includes Steam Workshop support.

Hot Lava will hit Steam on September 19.

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