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How To Cheat At Munchkin

You there! Have you ever played Munchkin? It's a multiplayer card game about dungeoneering, created by Fighting Fantasy co-creator the other Steve Jackson. It's enormously entertaining, primarily because it's designed almost entirely around screwing people over. It's shallow as all hell and has arguably been flogged into semi-embarrasing status by the endless slew of expansions and modifications, but it's also a great night in. Or even out, if you live near a pub that isn't full of large, angry skinheads who like to punch boardgame players in the face.

There isn't a videgame version, and I'm not entirely convinced there should be (this is, after all, a game about getting really, really cross with the people you're sat next to) - but there is now a 'rigged demo' intended to explain the cartwheeling, sadistic rules of play.

An older version has been around for a while, via the complicated magics of downloadable and printable PDFs, but it's now all spanglied up, 100% online and in-browser thanks to Flash. Thanks, Flash. Thlash.

It doles out the rules remarkably well and with an entertaingly sardonic tone, I'd say. Go see.

Steve Jackson Games also offer similar tutor-o-demos for Revolution, Zombie Dice and Cthulu Dice. Hmm. The only thing Cthulu dices with is the very fabric of existence, surely?

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