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How To Survive 2 Hits Early Access With Online MP

Out now on Early Access

Celebrate the impending doom wrought by the zombie apocalypse with friends, seems to be the message I'm getting from How To Survive 2 [official site]. Oh, and Louisiana looks nice. How To Survive 2 has shuffled its way onto Steam Early Access in search of brains, online multiplayer, and a new camp system for the action-RPG. Focus your cross hairs on the launch trailer below.

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Those who played the first How To Survive will immediately notice the return of the Russian narrator. Great. Beyond that, though, is the introduction of multiplayer meaning you and 15 of your mates can take on the ever-burgeoning hordes of zombie undead in the game's open world sandbox. Crafting is back but with more features and the new camp system looks like an ace way to manage your resources - both material and human. There's guns, obviously, but looking after yourself by eating and staying hydrated is just as important in survival terms.

It took me a while to warm to the first How To Survive - mostly down to its unnecessarily cluttered tutorial and overzealous and irritating narrator - however once I settled in I really enjoyed it. For some reason it seemed determined to portray itself as a humorous swipe at the survival genre, when I always got the distinct impression it'd have been better served as a serious one. The trailer above seems to have taken this attitude up a notch (is it just me or has that narrator got even more annoying?) but I hope the game is able to speak for itself on its own. Also, local co-op in the original How To Survive was a joy, so hopefully this translates to online play in the sequel.

How To Survive 2 is out now on Steam Early Access at a discounted £11.99. If you fancy trying out the original, How To Survive is only £1.64 in Steam's Halloween sale.

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