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HTR+ Brings Scaletrix-Like Thrills To Your PC

Cooler than a VHS covered in pogs.

Alright kids, grab your skateboard and bad haircut, it's time for a trip to the '90s. It's time to remember how great Scalextric was: a game-toy which let you race cars with none of the millions-of-dollars downside and all of the friend-beating upside.

That's the world that HTR+ Slot Car Simulation wants to take you back to, only now with none of the nowhere-to-put-it downsides either, or all that awkward set up time. Hit the accelerator over the jump for tire-burning trailer action.

There's mention from the devs of community featured tracks and that 100k of them have already been made, which given how easy the editor looks to use isn't particularly surprising. They've mostly sprung from the game's mobile origins, which would also explain the lack of functionality in other areas. Online leaderboards seem to be the only sort of multiplayer available and while netcode's not the easiest of things, it seems like a real hole in the game. Some sort of local multiplayer is unlikely to work unless controller functionality is implemented. Shaving split-split-seconds off times is all well and good but nothing like beating your friends live, driving them before you and hearing the lamentation of their little plastic engineers.

Time will tell if this is a snatch and port job or features like these will be implemented. Still on its launch sale price of around a tenner, you can grab it on Steam.

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