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Eat It, Meatbags: Human Extinction Simulator Released

Simulated turn-based space battles

Turn-based oh-no-help-aliens-might-try-to-murder-us-all-I-guess-we-need-a-plan tactics game Human Extinction Simulator caught our Adam's eye last year and he enjoyed a little play too. Bully for him, but what about you? Your wait is at an end, as it launched today. You can now join in simulating strategies that might, but probably won't, keep humanity safe in case of alien invasion, directing spaceships around hexes and dooming us all.

Spaceships are seaship-ish, slowly circling around, as Adam explained after playing a beta version:

The combat is very much like encounters between naval ships of old, wheeling around in great turning circles for position and attempting to slam opponents with a broadside. Some ships, particularly the nippier squadrons of tiny fighters, are rigged for direct assaults but ensuring victory requires learning the weapons coverage of each individual vessel. Movement is important as well, of course, and each class of ship has a distinct turning arc and speed.

Coo, that sounds good. He also called it "a bit like a cross between Sid Meier's Ace Patrol and Leviathan: Warships" too, with a smidgen of chess. Its simulated missions range from small covert operations to full-on space-battles, covering the length and breadth of our inevitable destruction.

You can buy it now direct from the devs for $19.99 (£13.20) to get a DRM-free version as well as a Steam key, or it's £14.99 on Steam. Here, have a trailer:

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