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Humble Bundle are offering a sale to celebrate increased publishing plans

From Humble beginnings

A Lightning card is played in Slay The Spire
Image credit: Mega Crit Games

Sale season is well upon us and Humble Bundle are jumping into the mix, though the occasion isn't the summer sun. Instead, Humble are celebrating their increased efforts in indie game publishing under the new name Humble Games. As is Humble's thing, the sale will benefit selected charities, this time a few Covid-19 relief efforts.

"Developer partners have opted to donate to specific charities focused on fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. The selected charities are Partners in Health, Doctors Without Borders, Direct Relief, and International Rescue Committee."

Humble say that all games published by them will be on sale up to 50% off. Tactical card game Slay The Spire is a goodie on the list alongside creature-catching game TemTem and a handful of other options.

It's a decent list, if not a long one, which is what Humble say they're working towards expanding. As part of their announcement today, Humble say they're launching Humble Games as "a dedicated publishing service to deliver the next generation of quality indie titles." Yeah, Humble already published games, though it was under the Humble Bundle name. Now it's Humble Games.

"When I joined Humble Bundle a little over a year ago, our publishing team was small but with a big dream," says Humble general manager Alan Patmore. "Humble Games is our latest commitment to support indie developers." Apparently snapping off the publishing arm and giving it a new name will help them further support indie folks. They really don't get into the nuts and bolts, but presumably there are some business-y implications to separating publishing from retailing and charity-giving.

You can peep the Humble Games Charity Sale over on the Humble Bundle site. The sale will run through Monday, May 18th at 6pm BST / 10am PDT.

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