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Humble Bundle-O-Rama: Clickteam, Company Of Heroes

Two fine options

Another Humble Bundle is offering friendly game-making tools for cheap. Following a GameMaker bundle last month, now they're back with the the Humble Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Bundle. As you might guess, the pay-what-you-want bundle is built around the game-making software Clickteam Fusion, also packing some games built with it - including Metroid 'em up Environmental Station Alpha, jumpscare 'em up Five Nights at Freddy's 3, multiplayer adventure The Yawhg, and citybuilding puzzler Concrete Jungle.

And now for something completely different: Humble also has loads of Company of Heroes games bundled up, celebrating ten years of the fine WW2 RTS series.

But first, back to Clickteam. Paying at least $1 will get you Clickteam Fusion 2.5 and a few games, including the source code for some so you can see how they're put together. Pay at least $7 (£5.49-ish) and you'll get more games, more source code, and an add-on to export games to Windows 10's UWP. Lastly, beat $15 (about £11.77) and you'll get even more games, even more Clickteam add-ons, and even more source.

That's plenty to get you going making games. As for the ones included with the bundle, Brendy likes The Yawhg, Graham had complicated thoughts on Concrete Jungle, and John enjoyed exploring Environmental Station alpha.

There's six days left on that bundle. They mostly come for Windows as Steam keys, but some are on other platforms and/or DRM-free too.

Onto Company of Heroes! At least $1 will get you the first Company of Heroes with its expansions Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor, plus the sequel's multiplayer expandalone Company of Heroes 2 - The Western Front Armies: Oberkommando West.

Beat the average ($7.45/£5.84 as I write) and you'll also get the original Company of Heroes 2, several add-on mission packs, and the US Forces multiplayer expandalone.

Lastly, pay $10 (£7.84) or more and you'll also get CoH 2's Ardennes Assault singleplayer expandalone, the British Forces multiplayer expandalone, and some minor add-ons.

You've got thirteen days left to grab that bundle. They all come as Steam keys, with the first CoH only being on Windows but the sequel and its many extras on Mac and Linux too.

There! If you want to make or play video games, there are some fine cheap options.

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