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New Humble Bundle includes Grimrock 2, TIS-100


If you've any pennies left spare after the bargain blowout of A Good Bundle and premature 'Black Friday' sales, do have a look at the latest Humble Bundle. Paying anything, anything at all, will get you Zachtronics' ace programming puzzler TIS-100 and the pretty throwback dungeon crawler Legend of Grimrock 2, for starters. Paying more can get you more games, including The Secret World and Grim Dawn.

It's the usual Humble Bundle pay-what-you-want dealio: games are split across price tiers, and the more you pay the more you get.

Paying anything at all will get you DRM-free versions of TIS-100 (one of the best programming games, Brendan will tell you) and Grimrock 2 (Wot John Thinks is that he really likes it, and it placed on our 2014 calendar too). If you pay at least $1 you'll get Steam keys for those too, along with Mike Bithell's stealth game Volume (read Wot Alec Thinks).

Beating the current average price paid -- about £3/$4 as I write this -- will also get you Zachtronics' factory-building puzzler Infinifactory (John's thoughts during early access), the not-really-Dungeon-Keeper-y RTS Dungeons 2 (Wot Alec Thinks), and Funcom's fine supernatural MMO The Secret World (I still think it'd be a better singleplayer RPG). Do remember that The Secret World scrapped subscription fees so that's all you'll need to play.

Lastly, paying at least $14/£11.26 will get you the action-RPG Grim Dawn too (read Wot Alec Thinks).

That is a decent bundle. Even the lowest tier is a ridonculous bargain.

As ever, you can divide your cash between the developers, Humble, and charities as you please. The default charities for this one are AbleGamers and America's Multiple Sclerosis Society, as the Humble engineer who picked this bundle was recently diagnosed with MS. You can pick your own charity if you'd rather, though.

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