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Owlboy & Kentucky Route Zero in Humble Indie Bundle

Good games!

Splendid games including Kentucky Route Zero, Ziggurat, and Owlboy are going cheap in the Humble Indie Bundle 18, launched last night. Humble have bundles coming out their bumdles these days but the Humble Indie Bundle is still their most prestigious and yeah, that's a good-looking lump of games.

As ever, the Humble Indie Bundle 18 is pay-what-you-want with its games across tiers, more unlocking as you pay more.

Pay anything and you'll get FPS dungeon crawler Ziggurat (our Adam called it "the closest thing to a first-person Binding of Isaac I've ever played"), sail-o-trade-a-pirate 'em up Windward (Chris Livingstone dug it even in its early access days), and side-on turn-based tactical shooter Steamworld Heist ("I thoroughly recommend it, for those looking for something erring much more toward the more casual end of the strategy world," said John).

Pay above the current average price, which is $7.48/£5.81 as I write this, and you'll get more. Episodic story 'em up Kentucky Route Zero remains really, really good (and great for busy dads, Alec will tell you), Beholder is an interesting-sounding game about a landlord spying on tenants for The Man, and Goat Simulator (with all its DLC) is a hearty slap of wackiness for you kooks out there. Another game (or games) will be added to this tier next week but is a secret for now.

If you pay at least $13/£10.09, you'll also get beautiful platformer Owlboy. "Oh gosh, it is a splendid thing when a game like Owlboy comes around," John said. "Big, smart, involved, silly, gorgeous, aurally stunning, and with a compelling story." He quite liked it.

The games come both as Steam keys (if you pay at least $1) and DRM-free downloads, and they're all on Windows, Mac, and Linux. And yup, you can divide your payment as you please between Humble, the developers, and charities.

The bundle is available for another 13 days.

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