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Humble Monthly relaunching more expensive as Humble Choice

Fewer games and a higher price

Humble's game subscription service Humble Monthly will soon relaunch with a higher price as Humble Choice. Rather than giving a fixed bag of games (usually 8) for $12/month, each month Humble Choice have a choice of 10 games and let you pick some to keep. You'll get 3 on the Choice Basic tier for $15/month, or 9 for $20/month on Choice Premium. Humble describe this as an "upgrade" but unless the Choice games are significantly better or more expensive than Monthly's offerings, it sounds like a price rise disguised as a hot rebrand.

Humble do say they plan to start "massively increasing what we spend to get great games" from next year, so perhaps the lineup will be better. We'll have to see a few Humble Choice lineups to get a sense of that, I suppose.

I'm less convinced by their "better flexibility" argument that "customers will have more ways to subscribe and more choice over what they keep." While technically that is correct, they're all more expensive than the old Humble Monthly package and Choice Basic offers fewer games too. These are not good choices.

All these still have access to the Humble Trove, a library of a few dozen games. They're also launching a $5/month Choice Lite tier which gives Trove access but no games for keepsies.

Current Humble Monthly subscribers will actually get an upgrade, being moved to the exclusive Classic tier of Choice. That will still cost $12/month and give all 10 of the games, which is a better deal than the new $20/month Premium tier. Existing Monthly folks will stay on that package until they cancel it. If that sounds like something you'd want, hey, you still have time to sign up and get locked into that $12/month deal. Once Humble Choice launches, no one new will be able to get Classic.

See the Humble Choice page for more on all this. It's due to launch later this year.

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