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Hurricane Relief Bundle: good games for a good cause

Good and interesting bits

A collection of finger-taxing, head-scratching, eye-pleasing, and heart-touching games are bundled together to raise money for relief efforts following the devastating Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Priced at $20, the Hurricane Relief Bundle offers dozens of games along with a few books and bits, from developers including Nathalie Lawhead, Loren Schmidt (who organised the bundle), and Thecatamites. It is a whole load of good and interesting things and all profits will go to organisations helping people across the USA and Caribbean.

Games in the bundle include Magic Wand and 50 Short Games from the ever-delightful Thecatamites, Nathalie Lawhead's cheerygrim Everything Is Going To Be OK and her wonderfully unpredictable IGF award winner Tetrageddon Games, colourtastic shmup Death Ray Manta SE, sci-fi base-builder Maia, Loren Schmidt's glitched-out puzzle-platformer Strawberry Cubes, explore-o-gardener Secret Spaces, the mystifying Fjords, tree-growing platformer Ungrounded, Connor Sherlock's sinister landscape Birthplace of Ossian, and the griefful Evangeline.

A load of cracking stuff is in there. Meandering across the Itch store is one of my favourite ways to find games but if that's not your bag, hey, now a load of neat ones are all bagged up for your convenience.

All come DRM-free.

Nab the Hurricane Relief Bundle on Itch for $20. It'll be available until Sunday. Loren Schmidt is publicly sharing numbers on how much it's raised and how funds are being shared.

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