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Hydro-Eclectic: Raindrop Looks Surreal, Dark, Pretty

Water game.

I am afflicted with Stalkeritis, so when games pop-up with a vague hint in a Stalkery direction I get a bit excited and need to lie down until my blood pressure normalises. Raindrop looks to be sort of broadly thematically similar with that grim Ukrainian treasure: a survival game set in a post-collapse world following an "event", where secrets are covered in rust and weeds, and you need to scavenge to survive. That was always what brought me into the world, and the rest was just detail. Amazing, gorgeous, terrifying detail, but nonetheless it was on top of what I wanted out of the game. Watch the teasers below and see if you get the same reaction I did. And if you do, you should probably see the doctor

Aside from the teasers, all we have to go on is the developer's brief precis:

Revolving around a horror themed storyline, the chilling and breathtaking atmospheres will keep you inching around each corner while uncovering the hidden truth behind the complex and its inhabitants. Scavenge items to build objects in order to piece together complex puzzles, or dangerous death traps. Gather hints and schematics to unveil rewards and information. Survive both the haunting environment and your own battered sanity.

But the trailers, despite not showing anything of the game systems described above, are super atmospheric. No hint of gunplay or chat with others, but I still like the direction they're taking.

Teaser 1

Teaser 2

The teasers are in anticipation of a Kickstarter beginning on October 10th, so let's all keep an eye out for that.

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