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HyperX's Quadcast S microphone gets an RGB makeover

Stream with flying colours

Just when you thought you couldn't possibly cram any more RGB LEDs into your gaming setup, HyperX have gone and announced their newly rainbow-fied Quadcast S streaming microphone. Now equipped with fully customisable RGB lighting, the latest version of HyperX's standalone USB microphone allows you to pick your colours, brightness level, pattern and speed for that complete RGB streaming experience.

Previously, HyperX's Quadcast mic only had plain red LED lighting that turned on or off depending on whether you'd activated its tap to mute function on the top of the microphone. The Quadcast S still has the same tap-to-mute feature on top of the microphone, only this time you can customise it with full RGB lighting thanks to HyperX's NGenuity software - much like you can currently do with their NGenuity-compatible mice and keyboards. You can also set the Quadcast S to only light up when its muted, too, if you prefer - just make sure you don't forget which way round you set it up, otherwise you could be in for some embarrassing vocal slip-ups.

Otherwise, you're looking at a very similar microphone to the original Quadcast. Like its 2018 predecessor, the Discord and TeamSpeak-certified Quadcast S has four polar patterns for recording audio - stereo, omnidirectional, cardioid and bidirectional - and it has a built-in pop filter, anti-vibration shock mount and 3.5mm headphone output for live mic monitoring. It also has the same quick gain control dial at the bottom of the microphone so you can easily adjust your volume on the fly, and comes with 3/8-inch and 5/8-inch adapters in the box so you can mount it onto a stand or boom arm.

The only real difference in terms of design is that the shock mount strings now come in grey instead of red, presumably so they don't clash with all those RGB rainbows you've got going on.

The Quadcast S is quite a bit more expensive than the £102 Quadcast as a result, though (and the classic £119 Blue Yeti). Indeed, it's set to launch at £160 when it goes on sale later today (US pricing TBC), putting a rather large premium on that customisable RGB lighting. Still, if you simply can't get enough of those rainbows, the Quadcast S could be the thing to fulfil your RGB needs.

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