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I Can't Help But Be Impressed By Canto

Monsters, you are being hunted

There's a gigantic gap in my gaming experience that makes me particularly unsuited to the task of writing about Canto, a fantasy fighting game that a group of industry veterans are working on in British Columbia. I've never played any of the Monster Hunter games, you see, and the video of Canto below suggests that it might be quite similar to Capcom's series. Combat takes place against creatures of various sizes, from wardrobe to large house, and players can confront the beasties solo or online with up to four friends. There's also a crafting system, although it's not clear whether weapons and armour will be made out of corpse-bits from fallen creatures. Take a look.

Attractive, although the combat threatens to have a little too much of the WOW factor.

I do wonder if the creatures have done anything wrong or if this is essentially Deer Hunter: Fantasy Edition. Come to think of it, are the player characters in Monster Hunter simply enjoying 'Monster Season'? I'd never really thought about that.

Doesn't take much to remind me that Carnivores existed though, so I'm happy to have wandered along this tangent.

Via Indiegamer.

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