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I Can't Think Of A Headline Gag: Harvey's New Eyes

John mostly didn't like one of the earlier Edna & Harvey point and click adventure games very much, but then other things John doesn't like include Bath Spa's loveliest cinema, dancing and -REDACTED- so what does he know? (Quite a lot when it comes to adventure games, actually). He saw some promise though, and perhaps that will be the case in this new Edna & Harvey game, and though I can tell you absolutely nothing of use about it I want to post about it purely because the subtitle HARVEY'S NEW EYES made me giggle for reasons I don't entirely understand. Also, a local brewery is called Harvey's, and for a moment I thought I was getting a press release about a new ale called Eyes. I would totally drink Eyes. I would also totally love it if breweries sent me ales to review. I'll find an excuse to do it on RPS, I swear it!

No beer here though, look:

Watch on YouTube

You play a girl called Lilli, who's sent to convent school and has to suppress negative emotions because Catholics. That doesn't work out, apparently.

I like the sad accordion music, but it does look a wee bit Windows Paintbrush. Expert WIndows Paintbrush, mind.

That's out, from Daedalic Entertainment, on this very day. More information here.

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