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I Feel The Need: Need For Madness?

Sometimes Lewie Procter is very useful. Not only does he do the delightful Bargain Bucket, but he is also, and this is a huge secret, quite good at videogames. That is quite terrifying to anyone else who happens to write about videogames, because we actually try not to be good at videogames so that we will have time to write about videogames. But Lewie can do both and do the Bargain Bucket! He is some sort of superhuman. Anyway, this week he has been playing Need For Madness, and doing mean flips and whatnot in the air and sending us videos. Perhaps you'd like to try this car game out? It is now on Greenlight and looks very lovely.

That is Lewie's 900 Double Flip. Cool huh?

Need for Madness is a car racing and crashing game where you perform stunts to power your car and win by either racing or wrecking the other lil crashy cars. It's got a lovely-looking minimalist style, and seems very simple and nice to control.

The single-player version of the game is available now for free, but to play the full version with multiplayer, you must purchase account registration.

Find out more here and vote for them on Greenlight, and you can download the free game here on their somewhat terrible website.

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