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I Got Election: Time To Invest In Democracy?

In an example of the sort of shameless marketeer behaviour with we loathe, fear and high approve of, Cliffski of Positech has celebrated the just-announced opportunity to choose our evil masters for the next few years and/or until a mid-00s Fascist Putsch by putting his Democracy 2 on sale. Just for today, it's 50% off if you enter the code, meaning you can pretend to do a better job than any of the actual candidates in the comfort of your own whatever-room-where-your-PC-lives. Press release follows...

Today, 6th April, with absolutely no surprise to anyone in the UK, the UK government has condescended to allow an election and ask the voters their view.
British games company Positech Games is frankly so appreciative of this opportunity for voters to have their say that today it offers it's award winning 'run the country' simulation game 'Democracy 2' for half price, to celebrate a rare outbreak of Democracy in their native country.

UK Voters have a choice between three married, wealthy, middle class, middle-aged white men, and a voting system that means they are statistically likely to be wasting their time, but they can show Brown,Clegg and Cameron how things should be done by running a country of their own, as they take on the role of Prime Minister in Democracy 2.

There is a free demo of the game available here
And a special buy page with a discount code for today only here:
Democracy 2 is the political strategy game designed by ex-lionhead developer 'cliffski', generally known as the man behind 'Gratuitous Space Battles'.

And here's Turbonegro.

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Due to my knee-jerk innuendo fevered thirteen-year-old's mind, I'll spend the next month or so snigger at headlines like ELECTION FEVER. Missus. OO-Er, etc.

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