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I Shall Remain Is A Game You Can Play

Sure, you roll your eyes when you hear about yet another zombie game. But you still play them, don't you? One you can play for free in its alpha form is I Shall Remain, a top-down squad-based zombie shooter, in which you shoot at zombies and survive. Me describe games good.

It's very definitely still in an alpha state, but it's completely playable. Certain aspects are missing, like the map, and the squad AI is currently pretty useless. But that really doesn't matter a huge amount as you gather up guns and shoot the oncoming hordes.

I'd say this is a fair way off being something that will be particularly satisfying. Not just the overly slow movement of your character (running is an option, but it drains stamina, etc), but the whole thing has a clunky feel at the moment. But then that's what alphas are for. I think it needs to be significantly smoothed out, perhaps learn a few lessons from the sense of pace of various Alien Shooter clones.

Take a look for yourself. It's on Desura as a free download. It looks decent, there's some lovely lighting, and the music is utterly fantastic.

I Shall Remain - Alpha Release Trailer July 2012 - Desura

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