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I Wish I Were The Moon

I played this a couple of weeks ago and meant to post about it then, but my weak mind failed me and so the draft's been sat there for there days, with just a title and a URL, crying to itself and asking the night sky why I don't love it anymore. Which means more diligent sites such as Play This Thing have been and written about it in the meantime, so I now look like some sort of desperate Johnny Come Lately. Still, our tardiness in posting doesn't stop I Wish I were The Moon from being a lovely idea experiment.

It's an instant-o-distraction, indie capsule gaming that's centred around a single idea - Passage and Aisle were what it most reminded me of.

So, a single puzzle with multiple solutions, each of which yields a different ending. It's very simple, and frankly is a bit too stylised-cute to achieve anywhere near the resonance of Aisle, but hunting down every possible ending permutation is an engrossing, sometimes funny and sometimes bittersweet affair. You've got a boy, a girl, a boat, the moon and a seagull - combine two or more of these to end the tale. Go, see what you can make.

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