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IDDQD: God Mode Announced

Atlus have released a video to promote their new title, God Mode, which doesn't look entirely dissimilar to Serious Sam and Painkiller. They player, armed with guns rather than swords, is marching through Hades killing hordes of monsters, accompanied by a spirit guide whose running commentary made me hate the very concept of audio before the end of the minute long trailer. He does have one good line though, describing the setting of Hades as "Hell in a toga". Is that actually a good line? How low are my standards at 8:30 on a Friday morning? I'm eating a dry slice of bread for breakfast because I was too hungry to bother with spreading or toasting, and I'm perfectly content. That's how low.

Is anyone working on No Clip Mode? Perhaps it could be a supernatural stealth game about a phantom thief.

God Mode supports co-op and is coming to PC and consoles, probably at a budget sort of price since it sounds like it'll be download only on the latter. Expect it early 2013.

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