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If Found, Please Return Is Dreamfeel's Lovely Story Rabbit-hole

While loitering in the Leftfield Collection at Rezzed, dropping croissant crumbs and checking out the eclectic selection of games, I came across If Found, Please Return [official site]. It's an utterly delightful story rabbit-hole from Llaura Dreamfeel which shares and erases the memories of a drifter/astronaut called Kasio.

The word "rabbit-hole" is particularly apt here because the structure of If Found, Please Return is to offer up a memory or a scene, illustrated with a lightness of touch by Liadh Young which you can then erase. Doing so leaves a tiny smidge of un-erasable text or imagery and zooming in on that will take you through to the next part of the story.

Read the infinitely unfolding diaries of 20-something drifter/astronaut Kasio, coming home for the apocalypse off the west of Ireland. Erase the things you’ve done, the places you’ve been, the people you thought you could love, and even erase existence itself. 40 days left. This is how it ends.

It took me a minute to figure out how the experience worked but once I did it properly sucked me in as this delicate, beautifully structured thing, peculiarly tactile thanks to the mixture of sketchy image, zooming and erasing.

There's no release date listed, just a "coming soon" but I'm looking forward to seeing more.

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