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IGF 2014 Entrants Listed, Let You Punch Custard

IGF Entrants 2014

If you're a journalist, the Independent Games Festival entrants being announced is like Christmas. This year there are 658 submissions to the competition and normally at least two-thirds are on PC. That means there are likely 400 indie games relevant to me in there, waiting to be explored. What undiscovered gems lie within?

I'm already finding strange curios, like this custard-punching game.

I did not know there was a game about punching custard. Did you know there was an International Bosch Art Game competition? The winner is an entrant in this year's IGF and the trailer looks legitimately great:

Even if your mother was never insulted by a donut filling, or you're not a big fan of walking bums and strawberry sex baskets, the IGF is exciting because it delivers, at this stage, a great sense of the breadth and diversity of game development. I know there are ways in which it is still limiting, and in which it might be better, but my morning would not have started so well without it.

If you want to start pouring through the list of links, screenshots and trailers for yourself, you can do it via the official IGF website. Alternatively, if you want a slightly cleaner, quicker look, try this alternate site that lists screenshots on a single page.

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