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I'm in love with this Nintendo GameCube PC

This tiny custom build has a GTX 1650 GPU and a 2TB SSD inside it

Of all the Nintendo consoles I've owned over the years, the one I love the most has to be the GameCube. Its little cubic lunchbox design is just so gosh darn cute, and the handle - oh, the handle! - is a touch of genius, even if it's completely superfluous and has never been used by a single human being. Now, one industrious Reddit user has turned their old peach-coloured GameCube into a tiny, portable PC, and goodness, I am in love.

Reddit user Cityle says their new mini PC has an AMD Ryzen 4500U CPU and a super compact Dell OEM version of the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 crammed inside it, as well as 16GB of HyperX DDR4 RAM and a 2TB Samsung 860 Qvo SSD - a pretty decent set of specs for such a dinky little machine! With that kind of power behind it, it should be able to play games at 1080p to a pretty decent standard. If only the real GameCube were that powerful...

A peach Nintendo GameCube that's actually a custom mini PC build
Such clean I/O ports!

You can follow Cityle's build log over on the Level1Techs forum, where they've detailed the entire process. It's a project that's been several months in the making, but the long and short of it is that they gutted an Asus PN50 mini PC for the motherboard and processor, before making several custom modifications to their GameCube chassis.

Originally, Cityle was hoping to squeeze a GTX 1660 Ti in there, but in the end they settled for the tiddly GTX 1650. The lid even opens up to give you a sneak peak at the graphics card beneath. Best of all, the controller ports are completely functional, too, thanks to Cityle's inclusion of a GameCube controller adapater board.

A peach GameCube with its lid open to reveal a mini PC inside

If you like staring at PC innards, here are some more close-up shots of the GameCube PC's interior. The same build log also details their efforts to turn an old Dreamcast chassis into another custom mini PC, too, using another AMD Ryzen chip and an ITX motherboard.

With the GameCube PC now complete, Cityle has started benchmarking it to see how it runs, reporting, "In GTA Online, 1080p, pretty much everything Very High, MSAA off, frames varies between 40 and 50fps." Top stuff.

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