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I'm Too Tired To Think Of A Pun: First Forge Footage

Honestly! And forge is a great word, too. Connotations of making, metal, fire - all sorts of fertile stuff. I think the pun lobe of my brain must have burned out. Perhaps they'll grow me a new one in the vats. Anyway, Forge is a new online action title that developers Dark Vale claim "plays like a third-person shooter, but with the abilities, strategy and pacing of the best MMO PvP titles." Make of that what you will. Dark Vale apparently want this to be a skill-based antidote to the usual grind-biff of MMOs.

There's a trailer below, so you can examine the fancy Unreal-powered mechanisms in motion: a bunch of people storming big fortress-temple environments and so forth. There's certainly a lot going on: bad dudes getting set on fire and all that good stuff. It perhaps goes without saying that the project has an attendant Kickstarter, asking for a mighty $300k. Will you pledge?

Cover image for YouTube video

Here's what Dark Valve have to say about their project: “We’re not just developers, we’re also the gamers who have been in your guilds, your raids, and your battlegrounds spit-balling about what we all wish online multiplayer competition could be,” said Tim Alvis, COO/CTO of Dark Vale Games. “Dark Vale Games and FORGE is our solution – an incredible online experience that rewards players for developing skills, not grinding for gear. And through this Kick-Finish campaign, we’re giving all those online gamers the chance to get a game made by them, for them and to have a voice in the future of the title.” And there's a bunch more detail about what they're they're aiming to achieve on their Kickstarter page.

It'll be interesting to see how this one pans out.

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