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Imp-ressive: Endless Forms Most Beautiful

Terrifically named screen-wrapping, teleportation collectathon, Endless Forms Most Beautiful, is a PC remake of a ZX Spectrum game. That doesn't mean the original is older than grandpa Albuquerque's dinosaur steed though because this particular ZX game was made in 2012. That's almost certainly the same year that you're reading this and, if it isn't, go and play 2013's best-selling first-person remake of Q*bert until your eyeballs emit lightshows of their own creation. David Hughes made the ZX version and the PC remake comes to us courtesy of RGCD. The game, manual, posters artwork and MP3s can all be found here. Trailer below.

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This is a brilliant game and really is the sort of thing I would have spent ages staring at as it spooled into life before stuttering and failing at the last moment. It's a classic case of being able to learn how the whole thing works quickly but then continuing to die, tearing your mousemat in half with your teeth and cursing the gods themselves. Actually, it's not quite that hard but the term "braincrashing", used by developer Locomalito to describe the game, is a fair assessment.

It can be played alone or co-op/versus on one computer. I haven't played with another person helping out yet but I reckon it'd make it more fun and less difficult, much like going through life in the company of a friend, lover or loyal pet.

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