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Important XCOMmunication: Floaters Return

Much as I love X-COM and would have as many of its turn-based, slow-scrolling babies as it asked me to, I would have zero hesitation in demanding one important change from it - to change the name of hovering alien foe known as the Floater. No, no, no, NO I'm not going to tell you why. If you don't already know you live an enviably innocent life. And probably haven't read many issues of Viz.

Distressing name or no, Floaters will not remain a thing of the past, having recently been confirmed as making a redesigned appearance in this Falltumn's XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

This via TameGrailers, which also has some footage of Floater 2.0 in its latest episode and the following brief description:

"The re-imagined enemy will live out his life of pain and rage in the highly-anticipated reboot coming later this year."

Er, his what? OK then. I guess I'd be a bit miffed if someone took my legs off too. But having a jetpack would probably go a long way towards making up for it.

The new guy looks rather Stroggified to me, which I don't have immediately joyous feelings about, but am happy to be convinced otherwise. I know being a purist can only make things miserable for everyone involved, the purist especially.

Additionally, we discover that he's "really, really aggressive", can "teleport anywhere around the battlefield" and "will operate in packs." His ass sounds as thought it might quite bad to me, I must say.

I shall endeavour to track down more details on Floaty-pants here, and other matters of X-import, and bring it to you soon. In the meantime, here are two dev diaries which contain information and footage. Sometimes at the same time. Videos are clever!

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube

Oh, and I have been remiss in my nostalgic duty, have I not? The original Floater looked like this:

You may remember them as being (and I quote the UFOpedia) not particularly dangerous, and probably being too stupid to possibly live a life of pain and rage. But they had a natty cloak and a single giant metal testicle, so that was alright.

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