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Improve your doomscrolling with the bot tweeting through Doom

It'll take almost two years to tweet a playthrough

My personal top Twitter tip: add pleasant breaks to the nightmares of your feed by following a few good image accounts or bots which regularly post nice things. I like accounts which post rock formations or bots which generate landscapes. Perhaps you find comfort in violence? If so, you might enjoy interrupting your doomscrolling with the Doomscroll Doom Bot, a Twitter bot which is very slowly posting a complete playthrough of Ultimate Doom, one frame every hour.

Over on @DoomscrollDOOM on Twitter, the bot is slowly posting through 15,770 frames of Ultimate Doom, starting at the end. It's the digibaby of Steve Nass and Owen Weeks, who are nabbing frames from a longplay of Ultimate Doom by, uh, "Retro Game Spacko".

Sometimes you'll see ultraviolence.

Sometimes you'll see a wall.

I wish it had better image quality (a side-effect of feeding in a YouTube video, I assume?) but hey, so it goes.

If you want more Doom in your Twitter feed in another way, Tweet2Doom is kinda like a Twitch Plays of Doom but with controlled by tweeting commands to it.

Or for other retro FPS fun, my highest recommendation fun is following Dan Douglas for his work-in-progress looks at a Duke Nukem 3D I truly think is the greatest chronicle of modern English culture. I guess he's just added Kier Starmer in the Great British Bake-Off tent calling in an airstrike on some alpacas?

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