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In Tartarus you play a cook on a broken spaceship

Hey good lookin'

Let me inspect my compare-o-chart. Ah yes, I can see that upcoming sci-fi puzzler Tartarus [official site] looks like: part Alien, part Hackers and part... Under Siege!?

You play as the cook of a spaceship on which all the retro-futuristic devices are breaking down, and you have to fix them by using the "antiquated" command-driven computers. There’s no monster or otherworldly nightmare to fight or avoid – the ship’s security protocol has simply glitched, locking everyone in their rooms, resulting in a perilous decaying orbit into Neptune. As a chef, you’ve no idea about engineering, electronics or computing. Good luck.

Cover image for YouTube video

I go weak at the knees and various other joints when I see spaceship corridors, which may be symptomatic of a greater problem BUT it also means I like the look of Tartarus, even if nothing threatening appears in the trailer above, aside from foreboding music. But I also have a love of programming and hacking games, which makes this doubly worthy of a “hmmmmmm!” from me. Here’s what developers Abyss Gameworks have to say about that:

“Players will have to use realistic computer commands to break into the ship’s systems, and puzzles will harken back to classic puzzle games that often required a pen and paper to solve… TARTARUS uses a realistic coding system that will need to be employed to hack the ship. Programming knowledge is not required. Every gamer can hack the ship with a little logic.”

That fits with the theme of being a cook who has no clue about anything which isn’t an onion. The official release date has been announced as November 21, which is why I’m telling you about it now. It’s NEWS.

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