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In Your End Oh: New Leisure Suit Larry Trailers

There's a technique used in everything from reality TV shows about stranding fourteen strangers in a submarine on the moon, to Why I Love The Last Episode Of Why I Love, where the interviewee is asked to include the question in their response. Watch any of these programmes and you can hear the awkwardness as contestants and Stuart Maconie try to crowbar it in as they stare blankly beyond the camera. "I think I deserved to win the insides of a cat because the other contestants couldn't sing the Ladder Song as loudly as me." "My first memory of this episode of The Best Episode Of This Show Ever was being asked about my first memory of..." Never has there been a more spectacular example of this art form than Carmen Electra's, in the new preview videos for the forthcoming Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust.

"Yes, I've been cock-blocked before... Yeah."

It's out of nowhere, there's no context, and perhaps offers a taste of the squirm-inducing prospects of another post-Al Lowe Larry release. Box Office Bust once again features Larry Lovage, the nephew of Lowe's Larry Laffer, trying to get his end away with the breasted beings around him. Rescued from the Sierra/Vivendi/Activision/Blizzard particle accelerator-based collision by Codies, it's due out next Friday.

The previous game, Magna Cum Laude, was one of the most vile things I've had the misfortune to play. In a just universe it should have been decreed illegal to ever go near the licence again. However, that was made by High Voltage Software, and Box Office Bust is made by Team 17. Yes, that Team 17. Since they're taking a break from releasing Worms again, should we be throwing away previous opinions of the Larry horror, and offering this one a fresh go? Well, yes, we absolutely should. However, it's not off to a great start with the new trailers. First is the interview with Electra, in which it looks like at any moment she's going to start begging the police to meet the kidnappers' demands. (Er, quick warning, while this is technically safe for work, it does sound an awful lot like porn).

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Titanic? Seriously? And apparently Brokeback Mountain is getting spoofed too, which just cannot be a good thing in any possible way. Let's not even discuss "Ginger Vitus".

The second interview is with Jay Mohr, who is currently great in the surprisingly decent sitcom, Gary Unmarried. He plays Kip, a character who appears to shout and swear a lot.

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Oh heavens, it looks horrible. Not horrible in the way that made you want to scrub yourself in a hot bath like Magna Cum Laude. Just horribly not funny. Why, Box Office Bust, what a big... disappointment you look likely to be. I've never seen such a huge... penis. Wait, hang on, I got that wrong.

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