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Increpare's Shower Game Makes Bath Time Very Strange


My avatar won’t stop pooping on the shower floor. Each time it squats, it releases another suspicious brown shape. Unsanitary? I know. Fortunately, Increpare's Shower Game [official site] allows you to smash your faeces into nothingness with just a click of your right mouse button. (I don’t know what is happening. Tell me what is happening.) It's not all heeling poo down the drain.

Bizarre doesn't come close to describing Shower Game. At first glance, you’d expect it to function something like, say, a more streamlined Surgeon Simulator. But it doesn’t. Instead, it plays like a hallucinogenic dream. Much of your first-person experience involves fiddling with the various bottle, containers, and objects residing in your booth. The process itself is simple. You pick up items with a left-click. You rotate them with the mouse wheel, and you interact with these artifacts by right-clicking. The repercussions, however, are something else entirely.

I'm still trying to figure out if there’s a win state to Shower Game, but I'm not sure if I ever want there to be. It's a meditative, if deeply unsettling experience. Some items in the game do relatively harmless things like cause hair to spontaneously grow all over your head. Others? Others are not so kind. Phantasmagoric as an Increpare invention can only be, Shower Game is weird, whacky, and and and... you need to play this to understand, honestly. Shower Game is free to download and available for a variety of platforms.

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