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Increpare's Bedrooms Is A Slightly Creepy Slumbertime Trip

Sleeper hit

Bedrooms [official site] is Stephen 'Increpare' Lavelle's most recent game (well, it was this morning, he might have released another three in the intervening hours). It's a curious experience which as you floating around various bedrooms and other spaces in which people are sleeping. You're at a weird angle as you drift around, finding out what there is to do.

Interactions are very limited but some were charming or comical or sad or scary or creepy. These weren't the BIG bombastic versions of those emotions, more like twinges and tugs at the back of your mind as you floated about. I'll point out now, before you go play it, that there was a NSFW vignette in there. I don't want to spoil exactly what but this is your sexual content warning in case you were thinking of playing it in company or on a teabreak at work.

I think my favourite thing about the experience (and I'll probably play it a couple more times later today for further mulling) is the hazy, uncertain landscape when you first arrive in a scene. For me it really captures the process of waking up, being unsure whether you're in the real world yet, which surfaces you can actually touch and where you are. You'll find the Windows, OS and Linux downloads over on Increpare's site, free of charge.

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