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Indie Game: The Movie Coming To Steam

I've got a mighty fine idea. Why not point a camera at a bunch of creative sorts and let them speak their minds? That's how Indie Game: The Movie was made, although I suspect editing the hundreds of hours of footage into something watchable, fascinating and entertaining was the hard part. Perhaps that's why Swirsky and Pajot's film won World Cinema Documentary Editing Award at Sundance 2012. Everyone will be able to watch it soon, or at least anyone near an internet connection, as it will be available as a downloadable purchase on June 12th. What's most intriguing about this is that one of the download services carrying the film will be Steam. This leads to the obvious questions: will every film in the world soon be available on Steam and will Episode Three be a cinemovie?

Those obvious questions lead to obvious answers, and both of the answers are 'almost certainly not, you cretinous oaf'. However, as the service's first downloadable film, Indie Game: The Movie may set precedents of a sort. Perhaps all game-related cinematic output could be made available. Who could resist Uwe Boll's output, bundled together for their consumption, and it has surely been too long since you allowed your eyes and brain to feast on the rotten fruit that is the Resident Evil series?

Indie Game: The Movie follows Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes as they make Super Meat Boy, Phil Fish's work on Fez and Jonathan Blow's development of Braid. I'm considering a follow up of my own devising if I can bring the right people on board. It'd star Terry Cavanagh, Stephen 'Thecatamites' Murphy and Jasper Byrne. I tentatively call it Fear and Loathing in Finnegan's Games and, based on what I can picture of it in my mind's eye, it's going to knock your socks for six.

And you know what? I wouldn't edit it at all. It'd be six hundred hours long and mostly consist of awkward silence.

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