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Indie Games Arcade Open For Submissions

Hurrah! You know Eurogamer do their expo on October 1st-3rd, in London-town? Well, it's also got an internal expo of an indie-arcade where people get to show off their new games. Last year, it was a chance to play things like Joe Danger, Plain Sight and VVVVVV before release. Right now, however, it's time for developers who may have something coming out to submit to Pixel-Lab. The full press release is beneath the cut, but there's some more pointers over on the Indie Games Arcade site. There is one change from last year though - we're involved, and will give the "Rock, Paper, Shotgun Indie Game of the Show" award to whoever we think is tops. It's already being coveted, apparently, which is a good thing to do towards awards, but a bad thing to do towards your neighbour's ox.

In Association with Get Games, the 2010 Eurogamer Expo announces open call for submissions to the Indie Games Arcade

Brighton, UK, 19th July 2010. Eurogamer, Europe’s leading independent games media specialist, has announced the game submission process for The Indie Games Arcade at this year’s Eurogamer Expo is now open.

Supported by digital distribution service Get Games, the Indie Games Arcade is returning to the third annual Eurogamer Expo this year from 1st - 3rd October. Co-ordinator Pixel-Lab is seeking submissions from up-and-coming developers keen to exhibit their work. Last year, more than ten thousand visitors attended the Eurogamer Expo, and that number is set to be even bigger this year.

"It's good to be able to offer indies this chance to put their work out there, as well as spring these kind of projects on expo-goers", said David Hayward, coordinator of the Indie Games Arcade.

"The people and companies who make the kind of games we show really aren't the type that can afford expo space that publishers and platform holders get. Likewise, their work is substantially different in tone. In past years we've had genuine reactions of surprise, pleasure, and embarrassment from players and I'm really looking forward to this year".

All submissions exhibited will be automatically submitted for the ‘Rock, Paper, Shotgun Indie Game of the Show’ award. Debuting at this year’s Expo and donated by popular PC gaming blog www.rockpapershotgun.com, the prestigious prize is already being coveted on the indie scene.

To submit a game for consideration, developers must provide the following:

  • A short description of the game
  • Screenshots
  • Background on the designer and/or company
  • Anticipated release date

Links to videos are also very welcome. All submissions should be made to David Hayward at david.hayward@pixel-lab.co.uk. The deadline is 13th August 2010.

For full details, see http://bit.ly/IGASubs.

Get submitting, folks. Can't wait to see what is sent in.

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