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IndieGameStand Launches Store As Alternative To Steam

A new challenger appears

IndieGameStand is done being just another flimsy roadside DealShack, only handing out whatever games it happens to have on-hand at the time. Now it's hoping to make a giant leap into the big leagues, and it's planning to blend up elements of Steam, GOG, and its own dev-friendly, pay-what-you-want heritage in order to do so. Steam, especially, is in its crosshairs, given that Greenlight - while improving - is still giving many smaller developers enough trouble that they can barely bite back tears as they lie to their emaciated, gently whimpering piggy banks. "Tomorrow," they quaver. "I promise." In an ideal world, IndieGameStand would like to change that.

The basic idea behind IndieGameStand's new store goes as follows:

"One year ago, IndieGameStand put a new spin on the game bundle paradigm by featuring a new, handpicked indie game for "pay what you want" pricing every 96 hours. Today the indie-focused service takes on Steam, GOG, and other online stores by opening a permanent storefront alongside their rotating 96-hour deals. With quick approval times, a favorable revenue split, and access to a growing audience hungry for quality indie games, the new IndieGameStand Store will greatly lower the barrier to entry for independent developers who have been stymied by Steam and other channels."

The split is 75/25, which is, admittedly, only five percent off from the industry standard. More potentially impactful, however, is the promise of one-to-two-day approval times for all developers and tools that can easily sync up with Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaigns. So basically, IndieGameStand is hoping to be part-alternative, part-complement to existing storefronts.

To celebrate, the all-growed-up sales-0-tron is having - what else? - a sale. Most of the games previously featured in its pay-what-you-want deals will be marked down 15 percent or more until October 1st, including SpaceChem, The Real Texas, Escape Goat, Gnomoria, Proteus, Megabyte Punch, and Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller.

So then, go have a look around the place. See what you think. Maybe even buy something! Or don't. Far be it from me to tell you how to spend your money. (Spend it on Proteus and The Real Texas or you'll never see your childhood bicycle again.)

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