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Indie Royale: How'd It Work Out?

What's going on? Is everyone alright? What are the arguments of the day? I've been on holiday (but travelling no further than my own front room, alas) for the last week and all this seems bewildering and strange. Big, blank white space to write words about PC games into, a buggered RSS feed to try and fix - right, I can do this, it's okay. Just need to drink a lagoon's worth of coffee and catch up on whatever the hell's been going on over the last seven days. Sounding particularly interesting is Indie Royale, the price-fluctuating, updated-fortnightly bundle of indie games that must be making the Humble Bundle chaps slightly grumpy (or at least more keenly competitive) - especially as its inaugral effort seems to have done pretty well.

The shtick, as our Adam explained the other day, is that everyone who pays more than the minimum price for each fortnight's bundle lowers said minimum for every successive purchaser. However, the more people who buy, the more the price rises, so it's all some kind of arcane balancing act in terms of whether you're better off buying early or late. Seems to be working out, though.

IndieRoyal bundle 1 has done rather well in its first week, shifting over 36,000 copies and bringing the min. price for its sackful of Sanctum, Gemini Rue, Nimbus and ARES down to just $2.67. Which is a jolly good deal, and you have just nine hours left to get in on it.

And in ten days' time, we'll hear what the contents of the Difficult Second Bundle are...

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