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Baf! Bim! DC Comics MOBA Infinite Crisis Leaves Beta

Added Superdog too. Superdog!

"Bif! Bam! Kapow!" every article about comics is apparently required to begin. Sorted. Moving on, the merry gang of Infinite Crisis are now pushing lanes and ganking carries in earnest as the free-to-play DC Comics MOBA has graduated from open beta to properly released. This brings it to Steam too, for starters. Also it's added Krypto, the Superdog. The Superdog. Superdog.

Infinite Crisis, to briefly recap, is a Dote 'em up inspired by League of Legends. It brings together DC heroes and villains from across the multiverse, with some characters appearing in several different forms. Batman, for example, comes as Gaslight Batman from a high-tech Victorian era, the vampiric Nightmare Batman, and plain old Batchap.

It's free-to-play under the usual MOBA model: six characters are free for everyone to play, with a lineup that rotates weekly, but having anyone permanently will cost you. You can buy fancy skins for your punchmen too.

If you've been playing for a while, you might be interested in the patch notes for version 1.0.

You can still download it without Steam, though they're trying to lure people on Valve's platform with big discounts on bundles of characters.

We've had Brendan squeeze into spandex to play Infinite Crisis so he can tell you, dear reader, Wot He Thinks of it. I believe that's coming as soon as he deals with the chafing. There's no good reason for the spandex, mind, I just like seeing what unreasonable demands I can get away with.

Hey, have you seen that page with the Adam West Batman show's dozens of zany onomatopoeia for twatting blokes? Boff! Bang-eth! Glipp! Pam!

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