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Ink Lets You Paint With All The Colors Of The RGB Palette


Zack Bell's Ink [official site] isn't very complicated. It's a two-dimensional platformer that has you controlling an agile square, who can swoop about and bounce around. Similarly, your goal in this virtual life isn’t very complicated: you just have to reach the exit. Putting the inherent challenges of your average platformer, Ink presents another concern: an invisible world. In order to proceed, you’re going to have to paint it black -- er, rainbow colors, actually.

As you might have surmised already, Ink's primary conceit has something to do with, er, ink. (Or paint. Or liquid crayon. Or contagious pixels. Classify at will.) Much of it is somewhat accidental. No matter what you do, or where you go, your character will automatically generate a coating of brilliant colors. Double-jumping causes your geometrical shape to release little “ink” pellets that will then drench whatever it touches.

Reminiscent of The Unfinished Swan, Ink might not be the slickest platformer in itch.io, but that doesn't detract from its strangely joyful nature. There’s something beautiful about the act of creation, about just painting the universe with color. And sliding effortlessly across a horizontal surface, before you crush an unsuspecting enemy under your heel and propel yourself into freedom. You can pay what you want for your copy of Ink from Itch.

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