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Rhythmic Platforming: Inside My Radio Released


People often ask me, "Alice, when will we see the Citizen Kane of video games?" As they drop to their knees and scrabble in the bloody sawdust for fragments of their teeth, I explain that what we really need is a Björk explaining television of video games.

Sadly, I don't think Inside My Radio [official site] is that game. However, a rhythm-platformer set inside a radio still sounds like a pleasant thing, and now the game is out.

Inside My Radio sees an LED inside a dying radio trying to bring it back to life by rocking some beats. This involves jumping on things in time with music, of course, as well as a little puzzle-solving and thing-fighting. You tour different genres as you traverse the radio's guts too, though I suspect not quite as much as I'd like - it could be a great opportunity to explore some weird subgenres, if you're willing to risk players saying "What is this horrible noise?" I suppose that's why it seems to mostly be pumpy electronic music.

The game started life in 2012 as a Ludum Dare game jam entry and, in the absence of a demo, you can still play that original version if you fancy seeing what it's about.

Inside My Radio is currently on Steam for £8.79, thanks to a 20% launch discount.

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And remember: you shouldn't let poets lie to you.

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