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Intergalactic, Planetary: Xenonauts Now On Steam

Well, Steam Early Access, anyway. Seeing as X-Com has been abducted and replaced by the magnificent (but still quite different) XCOM: Enemy Unknown and snazzy 1960s hat dress-up simulator The Bureau: XCOM, Xenonauts is sort of the original's closest living relative. So now's your chance to return to the present's past while clad in the graphics and interface from a past-inspired portion of the future. In other words, Xenonauts has potential to be one of the very best things. But you - and perhaps only you, but probably not - can push it past alpha and into top humanity exterminating form. Details after the break.

Xenonauts has been in development for quite some time, so it's hovering teasingly close to completion. If you go ahead and enlist right now, here's what you'll be getting yourself into:

"Xenonauts is still in development and will continue to receive free updates until it is fully complete. Most of the key features are already in place and the game can certainly be played in its current state, but it has a few rough edges like as inconsistent game balance, placeholder UI elements and the occasional missing art assets. You may also encounter bugs/crashes. We are working hard to solve all of these issues and *hope* to have the final game ready later this year."

So basically, it's nearly feature complete, but some of those features might not, you know, work. Still though, for $19.99 you could do a whole lot worse, and even back in naive, carefree pre-X-Day year of 2012, Alec came away quite pleased.

Now then, what are you waiting for? An invitation? Because the aliens weren't invited, but they still showed up. Rude, right? Teach them the error of their ways by flailing to keep your soldiers alive for their amusement. That'll show 'em!

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