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Interior (Game) Design

I've spent all day sitting around waiting for a courier to deliver secret documents to my house. Instead of doing something constructive, like playing Gears Of War, I've spent hours clicking through Wikipedia and reading about the Polish-Lithuanian War. It's a fun time. What I've also been doing is downloading demos and indie games and silently judging them. One of these was the hour long Home Sweet Home demo. It's a game about interior design. I played it.

My first client was Mr Johnson. He "liked to sit back and watch flames from the fire". Reminds him of 'Nam or something. Naturally he'd need a fireplace, and so I made that the centerpiece of my design. Or I was going to. In fact, the fireplace soon took a backseat to some of my more ambitious design plans. I sold all of Mr John's furniture and replace it with cheap $300 sofas and abstract wall paintings. Better still, I had a new concept for interior design: as you can see from this picture, I spent nearly two thousand dollars on stuffed cockerels and filled all that unsightly open floorspace with them. Much better.

The second stage, following design, is a bit of action. Three workers must be kept topped up with coffee if they're to complete the design task - much like the real world. They have to "build" the furniture (which mysteriously 'unbuilds' if people are set somewhere else), and the dozens of taxidermist's chickens that litter Mr Johnson's living room. They have just twenty "days" to complete the task. Can we do it?

Yes. And good news! Mr Johnson LOVES the design. I am pleased. It's clear now that I have a real talent for design and I'm going to be a design guru. It's on to my next challenge: and I'm going to fill this town with ankle-high animals, see if I don't.

And that's the doorbell. Probably for the best...

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