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Wage spacewar in Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition

Out of this world

Remember Interplanetary? You know, the 2015 strategy game about building a base and blowing up other planets. Its hook was that gravity played a huge part: to land your shots you had to take into account the gravitational pull of other planets in the area, which was pretty novel. Well, now there's an Enhanced Edition [official site] that squishes bugs, revamps the visuals and delivers a cargo hold of gameplay tweaks. It's free for people who own the original.

You can now reconnect to online matches if you disconnect and fight against online AI bots (in case you can't find anybody to play with online), which were apparently two of the most requested features. Almost all of the game's systems have been tweaked, with new weapons, an overhauled tech tree, and new building mechanics (shift click to build multiple of the same building). It should all make the game slicker to play. You can read all the changes in detail here.

I never played the original but I've heard good things about it, and the Steam reviews are positive as well. Here's the trailer for the new version:

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Unfortunately, in the process of killing the old bugs, new ones have spawned, so don't expect it to be fully polished.

"We're already hammering away at some upcoming fixes and we’re prepared to keep working at it for as long as we can. Please bear with us through the initial roughness."

If you own the original then the new edition should have popped up in your library automatically. Otherwise, it's £7.69/10,49€/$10.49 on Steam, which includes a 30% discount that goes on until Wednesday.

Those that have played the original – how did you get on with it?

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