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Interstellar adventure Jett: The Far Shore arrives this October

Explore space in a new game by the Sword & Sworcery devs

The next game from Sword & Sorcery developers Superbrothers comes out in October, and it's about a team of explorers scouting pretty planets. During Gamescom Opening Night Live, we got a new trailer for Jett: The Far Shore, revealing the release date and giving us another glimpse at the sci-fi universe we'll get to discover in our very own jetts.

Cover image for YouTube videoJETT: The Far Shore - Release Date Announcement Trailer

Jett looks a little bit like No Man's Sky, but has more of a focus on exploring and appreciating the worlds you visit, rather than messing with ecosystems and taking from alien planets. When you come across new creatures or plants, you'll need to study them and learn about how they fit in the world, which is a nice sentiment indeed.

There's also a big focus on flight, zooming around in your jett to get a sense of the environment. You're not just being set free in some big sandbox though, there's a story to follow that revolves around a mysterious transmission.

I really love the look of the flight in Jett. These big, colourful, alien landscapes have a sort of minimalism that really appeals to me, so I'm excited to see more.

Thankfully it won't be too long until I get to explore it myself, because Jett: The Far Shore comes out October 5th on the Epic Games Store and PlayStation.

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