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Into The Unknown: Interstellaria Gets Beta Trailer

Exploring with pals

When I was growing up, I dreamt of going to space for the isolation. I was one of those weird kids who thought the idea of being somewhere quiet, undisturbed and far away from the world was quite appealing. Then I played Mass Effect and realised space is much cooler when you and a group of friends grab a ship and head off into the unknown together, exploring unexpected worlds and changing lives as a big happy space family. With that in mind, this beta trailer for Interstellaria really made me stop and take notice. My life definitely needs a more avenues for building a cool team of space buddies to kill stuff and explore worlds with.

Looks pretty cool right? Unfortunately, the beta this trailer was made using is currently only open to Kickstarter backers which doesn't help those of us who didn't back it, but the presentation seems pretty cool at least. That soundtrack is catchy, there's just enough detail in the characters on the ship for them to feel unique and not enough games take Interstellaria's lead by having cool space ships built inside chunks of space rock. Sleek can be cool, but space rocks just feel at home in the deep dark blackness of intergalactic travel.

You can follow Interstellaria's progress on developers Cold Rice Games' blog.

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